Bell Model 222


The Bell 222 project was announced in 1974 - with the aim of producing a high performance twin-engine helicopter for civil operation. The prototype first flew on August 13, 1976, and the aircraft entered production in 1978, being FAA certified in the following year. The Model 222B, featuring a larger rotor and uprated powerplant was introduced in 1982, followed in 1983 by the 222UT version with skids instead of the retractable wheeled undercarriage. The aircraft is produced in standard, executive and offshore setups. The executive fit features a crew of two and 5-6 passenger seats, while the offshore setup (popular with oil companies) has a crew of two and 8 passengers.

Only one Model 222 (a B version), ZK-HZQ currently appears on the New Zealand register. Owned by Helicopter Leasing NZ Ltd, it is operated as the WestpacTrust Air Ambulance, by the Waikato Rescue Helicopter Trust based in Hamilton. This aircraft is illustrated below. ZK-HZQ replaced an AS350 Squirrel previously operated by the Trust.

Last Update:- 25 July, 2001

Technical Data

Data is for the Model 222B


Taxying - airshow 95 Port front quarter - Hamilton 97 Port front quarter - Hamilton 97 Port rear quarter - Hamilton 97 Port rear quarter - Hamilton 97 Changing equipment - Hamilton 97 Changing equipment - Hamilton 97 Pushing onto pad - Hamilton 97 Pushing onto pad - Hamilton 97 Start up - Hamilton 97 Start up - Hamilton 97 Gathering the crew - Hamilton 97 Airborne (from rear) - Hamilton 97 Airborne (from rear quarter) - Hamilton 97 Airborne (from side) - Hamilton 97 Landed - Hamilton 97 Unloading the patient - Hamilton 97

Close Up

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Rotor head Engine exhaust & cowls Tail section Tail rotor Port sponsoon Port undercarriage Starboard undercarriage Control panel Overhead panel Rudder controls Overhead panel View forward from rear compartment Medic's compartment Side access Rear fuselage (starboard) Nose section (starboard)
Rotor head Tail rotor Starboard undercarriage Cockpit access (starboard)

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