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W.B (Bill) Barber's Snark

There is a lack of information on the web of the New Zealand indigenous microlight, the Snark. In gathering information for my own page on the Snark (located here , designer Bill Barber supplied me with a fairly full set of specifications, and offered me some of his own pictures to use. Since my standard page layout doesn't include all these details and there is a such a lack of information on the web, I thought it would be useful to add a new page. I hope this will answer any questions you may have about the Snark - otherwise Bill's address is at the bottom of the page.

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SNARK HA1 ZK-FOU (now deregistered)
Single seat, all composite, mid engine, shaft driven prop behind the tail group, Rotax 503 powered.
This aircraft was never flown, except for a few short "hops", due to an attack of extreme cowardice on the part of the builder. It has been deregistered, but will be revisited sometime.

The prototype and "plug" for what has become the HA3. Designed as a two place micro., but registered and used as a single place. Will be redesignated as a two place microlight, and after inspection will be become an HA2-B.
Welded tube frame, composite wing structure and tail boom, fabric covered wing and tail surfaces. Has a large wing area and very low stall speed, somewhat less than 20 MPH.
Rotax 503 powered.

Same general appearance as FYE, but is all composite construction, with a different wing. Wing has less area, higher AR., a laminar section, and has full span "flaperons".
This wing has less washout than intended, .75 of a degree, and will drop a wing at stall. Subsequent examples have more washout.
Powered by a Suzuki G13 motor.

SNARK HA3 ZK-PIE #002 D Laing Dunedin
Supplied in pieces to David Laing. Is identical to JEK except that it has separate flaps and ailerons, and the wing has 2 degrees of washout. In view of this, suggest that it be called an HA3-B.
Suzuki G13 motor.

Identical in all respects to PIE, except has Suzuki G13 GTI motor.

Note: Before anybody asks, the designation "HA" is the result of a pathetic joke, which I have absolutely no intention of repeating to anyone, except to point out that it does not refer to "Horses Arse"!


Left: taken at Dacre about April 98,
David Laing in foreground (ZK-PIE),
self and wife middle (ZK-JIU), and
George Taylor (ZK-JEK). Just before
George and I left for Warbirds Over
Right: ZK-JEK at Dacre.
Above: ZK-JIU, ZK-JEK and
ZK-FYE at Dacre.
Left: JIU between Cromwell and
Alexandra on the way home from
the Wanaka airshow 98, shot by
George Taylor in JEK.
Right: Panel, ZK-JEK.
Above: ZK-JEK, just a bit of
"hoonery" at Dacre, shot by
D Laing.


Empty Wt.
(with oil and coolant, no fuel)
331 kg
Wing Span30.5 ft.
Wing Area132.93 sq. ft.nominal (121 actual)
Root Chord5.33 ft.
Tip Chord2.88 ft.
Aspect Ratio7.46
Wing SectionRiblett GA37U-A315
Length 20.5 ft. (6.24 m )
Height (to tail)8 ft. ( 2.43 m )
Cockpit Width24 inches.
Headroom4 -6 inches.
Baggage Compartment-
Fuel TankIn fuselage.
Fuel Capacity60 litres.
Fuel Useable55 litres.
Fuel Type96 oct. Auto or Avgas
EngineSuzuki G13 GTI
Fuel SystemElectronic Fuel Injection
Fuel Consumption10 - 11 litres/hr. (in cruise)
Coolant System4.5 litres.
Oil3.5 litres.
Electrical System12 volt, standard automotive.
BatteryMounted in nose.
Propeller"Warp Drive" 62", 3 blade.
Reduction Toothed Belt
Reduction Ratio2/1
WheelsAzusa 6 inch aluminium
BrakesAzusa, cable operated, lever on stick.
Tyres and tubes13 x 5 x 6
Take Off Roll122 M.
Rate of Climb12 - 1400 fpm. (1 up, 1/2 fuel )
Service Ceiling12000 ft.
Cruise Speed128 MPH (@ 4500 RPM)
VNE140 MPH (will be extended)
Power off Stall (no flaps)41 MPH
Power off Stall (with flaps)38 MPH
Landing Ground Roll110 M.
Design Gross Wt.520 kg.
Design Load Factor+ / - 6
Design Safety Factor2
Useful Load190 kg.
Roll Ratenot known (fairly quick)
Range650 miles (no reserve)
Safety Harness"Willans" 4 point, competition.

Wing SparsUD Carbon Caps, Carbon BID Shear webs.
Wing and control surface skinsKevlar / Coremat sandwich.
Wing RibsKevlar and carbon.
Tail BoomCarbon.
FuselageKevlar and glass.
Main Gear LegsUD Carbon and Kevlar.

Resin used : Structural components - ADR 240 with ADH 160 / 162

Wing and control surface skins are vacuum bagged and oven cured.
All components are oven post cured, to a cure schedule appropriate to the resin system
being used.

Any future kit production will be based on the machine now under construction, ie:

Engine bay will be widened slightly to accomodate Rotax 912, or Jabiru etc.
Flaps will be slotted instead of plain as at present.
There will be some weight saving made in the airframe.

These changes should result in increased performance.


Bill Barber,
393 Littles Road,
Queenstown RD 1,
New Zealand.
Phone/Fax: 64 3 4425866

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