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Matthew Beaven - Rescue Helicopters

Well, here's the third exhibit in the guest gallery - a selection of South Island Rescue helicopter images by Matthew Beaven.

Matthew is another Kiwi aviation enthusiast, based in Christchurch, who enjoys taking photographs. He tells me that he aims to get photographs of as many different New Zealand aircraft with 'titles' as he can - along with the variations in paint scheme. He has supplied a selection of images of South Island based rescue helicopters which are displayed below with explanatory notes.

The images are copyright to Matthew Beaven.


This 1988 picture (left) shows ZK-HZP, an AS350D Squirrel operated by Garden City Helicopters, sponsored by Westpac during Telecom 88. (24 June, 1988)

The aircraft at right, ZK-HGH begin air rescue work in 1989, working under Trust Bank sponsorship. This image from 1990 shows the Trust Bank plumage. (28 Sep, 1990)


The image to the left shows the same aircraft in 1992 in a new plumage for the Christchurch Air Rescue Trust with sponsorship by Westpac. (1 Oct, 1992)

Trust Bank also sponsors the Canterbury Rugby Team and continued an association with helicopters. Squirrel ZK-HHM carried titles "Trustbank Proud Sponsor - Rugby" (19 Sep, 1994)


A BK-117 operated by Garden City Helicopters, ZK-HJC was introduced into service in 1996 for the Christchurch Air Rescue Trust with Westpac sponsorship. (21 Apr, 1997)

This is now operated for the Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust with WestpacTrust Sponsorship, as the image to the right shows. (21 June, 1997)


Garden City Helicopters also operates air rescue Squirrels in Nelson and Greymouth under Tranzrail sponsorship. One of these, ZK-HQT, is pictured at left. (9 July, 1996)

Matthew Beaven can be contacted through me at nz

Aviation Homepage Images © 1988-1996 Matthew Beaven
Text © 1997 Phillip Treweek, all rights reserved

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