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De Havilland of Canada was created in 1928, and became a manufaturer in its own right (DHC) in 1937. A number of English designs were produced by the fledgling company. Cirrus Moths, Tiger Moths, Fox Moths, and Dragons were produced before WWII, and Tiger Moths, Ansons, and Mosquitos during the war years. Although the designs were English, DHC made many modifications to meet local conditions.

The Chipmunk was the first indigenous design from de Havilland Canada, appearing in May 1946. Although only 218 were built in Canada, in an ironic twist, 1014 were built in Britain - as well as 60 in Portugal by OGMA. This trainer was operated by the RAF, RCAF, and at least a dozen other air forces. The first Chipmunk appeared in Britain in November 1946, and they have served for many years as a trainer, and with the RAF University Air Squadrons.

There is no formal military connection by the Chipmunk with New Zealand, but a number of ex-military trainers have been imported - most notably 4 ex-Indian aircraft in 1995 with spares (including engines and 18 wingsets), and several ex-RAF University Air Squadron aircraft in 1997. Some of the aircraft are presented in military paint schemes.

Aircraft currently on New Zealand's active register include

Chipmunks under restoration include

The aircraft pictured below are TNR and UAS. ZK-TNR (ex-WB566/G-AORR/HB-TUB) was destroyed in an accident at the 1994 Warbirds over Wanaka in which pilot Ian Reynolds unfortunately lost his life. Two other Chipmunks (ZK-APN and ZK-BSS) have appeared on the New Zealand register. APN was lost at Evans Bay, Wellington on September 2, 1950. BSS was damaged at Ardmore in a fire started by a static spark during refueling, and its registration was cancelled on February 11, 1961.

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Technical Data


side view - Ardmore 1989 Hangered - Ardmore 1990 Taxying - Airshow 1995 rear view - Ardmore 1998 start up - Ardmore 1998 front quarter - Ardmore 1998

Close Up

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port side - cockpit rear quarter -glazing port view - tail section
starboard main undercarriage tailwheel front view, cowling & prop cockpit - control panel
cockpit - floor cockpit - seat

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