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The Eagle is a truely international aircraft. Designed by John Ronsz (an American), the manufacturing rights are owned by a Malaysian company (Composite Technology Research), and construction occurs in West Australia. The factory in Fremantle (Eagle Aircraft P/L) was set up in 1985, and the Eagle 150A was first flown in March 1988 (and certified on November 13, 1996). After 15 were built the 150B was introduced. This was certified in Australia on November 11, 1997 and FAA certification followed on February 11, 1999.

The largely composite aircraft is made distinctive by the extremely staggered biplane design. Featuring kevlar, carbon fibre, nomex, and fibreglass in its construction, the fuselage is in two subassemblies which can be disassembled for road transport. The wings are integral to the forward assembly, and the vertical stabiliser is part of the rear. The aircraft features ailerons on the rear mainplanes, but has electric flaps on both sets of planes. The aircraft is promoted in both the training and recreational roles, and is reported as having been used for forestry surveillance in Australia.

Up to July 1, 2001, three Eagle aircraft have appeared in New Zealand. The first was a 150A model imported for five days in November 1997 to appear in a display. The other two became resident. These are:

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