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Situated in South Auckland, this airfield was constructed during WWII as a B-17 base, but was eventually not required for use by the bombers. Today it is a centre of General Aviation activity, and keeps much of the light aircraft traffic away from Auckland International. Used for training and a host of other activities, it is also home to a bunch of Warbirds, and restoration activity. This is a great place to visit - Sunday seems to be the day for most Warbird activity - although there are interesting aircraft around on almost any day.

The following block of images were made over a number of visits in the 1989 - 91 period. I used to visit fairly regularly as I had friends living nearby in Papakura. I must mention some highlights. The flight in the Harvard (NZ1065) with Bill West was just grand. You haven't flown until you've done aero's in a Harvard - and doing the air-to-air shots of NZ1078 was heaven!! There is also something really awesome about the Sea Fury, till it starts up. Then the sleeve valve engine sounds horrible as it winds up (truely like a giant shaking a bucket of bolts. But once its going - it sounds almost as sweet as a Rolls-Royce Merlin!! Watching the P51D is also a highlight - anytime. . .

  • 1989

    P-51 P-51 P-51 DH-82 AT-6 AT-6 AT-6 DC-3 AT-6 Greenpeace 500 SE5a replica Sea Fury DHC-1 B.170 B.170

  • 1990

    Goose AT-6 Devon DHC-1 Vampire Hanger

  • 1991

    DHC-2 DHC-2 Vampire T-28 T-28 AT-6 engine

  • In late 1997I made a visit to Ardmore to catch up with the Warbirds Association Secretary, John Gott. (This was after going to a run with my partner - crazy people these runners - I only watch). While waiting for John to arrive, I had a chance to wander around and get these images.

    Trojan & Mustang Hunter Harvard Harvard Beaver Beaver & Harvard Harvard Yak-52 Yak-52 Warbird Hangar A-37 A-37

    On January 18th. 1998 I made another visit to Ardmore. My friend Allan is building a 1.6m wingspan r/c model Harvard, and he thought it might be a good idea to have a look at a real one - and I couldn't let him go on his own. Sadly, when we got there, the aircraft he is modelling was in pieces - but he still got the information he needed - and I had fun with my camera!

    P-40E P-40E Wingless Harvard T-28 T-28 T-28 S-76A Staggerwing Chipmunk Chipmunk Issacs Fury Issacs Fury Harvard B.170 Freighter Yak-52

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