A-4K Skyhawk



Taken at Ohakea, December 13, 2001. Vertical stabilier as seen from port. The A-4K is essentially an A-4F with modifications - some of these are the A-4H/M style square tipped vertical stabiliser and the parabrake fitted below the jet exhaust. In this view the distinctive squared off tip of the stabiliser is clearly seen, along with the 'tadpole' rudder in which the ribs appear on the outside of the central 'skin'. 75 Squadron markings appear at the top (2 Squadron markings are painted on the starboard side) with the aircraft serial lower down. Reflector strips can be seen near the rudder and the jet exhaust. An ILS glideslope antenna is fitted below the squadron markings (The localiser antenna are in the top of the fin). Note the marks caused by the adjustable horizontal stabiliser (angle markings appear forward of the stabiliser).

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