Avro Lancaster VII

NX665/WU-13 as PB457 SR-V (101 SQN) and ND752 AA-O (75 SQN) RAF


Taken at the Museum of Transport and Technology, 1991. Port inner engine. This aircraft receives regular upkeep (I understand the RNZAF assists), and this photo was taken during one of those maintenance periods. An unusual opportunity to see under the cowls. I also got a chance to check out the rear of the aircraft with the tail-turret removed - and of course the turret. Note the aircraft is in bare-metal. The surfaces were being recoated in a paint scheme appropriate to comemorate New Zealand aircrew who served with the RAF - the aircraft is currently displayed as PB457 SR-V (101 SQN) and ND752 AA-O (75 SQN), both of which were lost on operations..

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