Avro Lancaster VII

NX665/WU-13 as PB457 SR-V (101 SQN) and ND752 AA-O (75 SQN) RAF


Taken at MoTaT, 25 August, 1999. The bomb bay, showing a number of replica munitions have been loaded. An SBC (small bomb container) sits between 1000lb bombs, with 500 pounders behind. The bombs are all replicas, and are used to give an idea of a typical bombload. The replicas are used both because originals are not available, and because they are lighter and therefore place less strain on the airframe. Painted in the original markings they look real enough. The SBC is aluminium, while the 50 incendiaries it contains are made of wood. The 500 and 1000lb bombs are made of fibreglass.

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