Aermacchi MB339-CB



Taken at Whenuapai, March 17, 2001. Forward cockpit - pilot's eye level view of the instrument panel and consoles. The general effect of this later generation trainer is that the cockpit is light and well ordered (as compared to some older aircraft where the decor is all black, and instrument positions seem chosen at random). At the left is the clock, with miscellaneous indicators on the panels the edge of the coaming. The trim, speed brake and flap indicators are above the red 'jettison' button. Next to these is the multifunction display screen , with the weapon control panel below. In the centre of the panel are the airspeed and attitude indicators, and the navigation control panel. Over to the right beneath another display unit are the accelerometer, altimeter, and vertical speed indicator. Under the standby attitude indicator are the tachometer, jet pipe temperature, and the fuel flow gauge. On the very right are is the anti-ice and oxygen panel, the fuel gauge, and oil pressure gauge. On the right edge of the coaming is the compass.

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