Warbirds Fighter Meet:

Easter, 1995 - Rukuhia

This airshow was conceived as an alternate year/island airshow to Wanaka (held at Easter in even numbered years (1992, 1994, 1996, ...). I had a great time, but from reports in the media it does not appear to have been too successful financially - the show did not happen in 1997, so we'll wait in hope for 1999.

Avenger P-40K Spitfire Mk.16 F4U-1 Corsair F4U-1 (cockpit area) DC-3 Chipmunk Fury replica Pitts Special Catalina Catalina Beech-18 Beech-18 Beech-18 CT-4 Fu-24 Venom Venom Tiger Moth Harvard Catalina Catalina Catalina Dragonfly Trojan Mustang Spitfire Mk.16 Spitfire Mk.16 Spitfire & Mustang Spitfire Mk.16 Mustang Avenger Corsair Pacific aircraft Corsair Corsair Avenger P-40K P-40K

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