Warhorses at Wanaka 2000

Luggate Airfield - Easter 2000

One of the more interesting aspects of attending the Warbirds over Wanaka 2000 Air Show, was getting to spend some time with the Warhorses team. This group of Military Vehicle Collectors, Militaria Collectors and Re-enactment enthusiasts were at Wanaka in 1998. I photographed some of their activities, and several of the members contacted me after those pictures appeared on my website. So I made a point of trying to meet them this time.

An invitation by Graeme Barber, the Warhorses liason person, lead to the highlight of the show for me. During the Sunday lunchtime activities they dressed me in a tin helmet and greatcoat, put me in a jeep, and took me along for their display. It was the perfect photo opportunity and I had a great time! The pictures below show some of the action. The rest of the airshow pictures can be found here!

My thanks to Graeme, Rod, Greg and the rest of the team for showing me such a great time!

Saturday morning in the Warhorses encampment.

Sunday Morning - briefing.

Sunday Lunchtime - on display.

Sunday Afternoon - airfield defense.

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