DH82a Tiger Moth


The following is a list of what I believe to be the currently extant DH82a's in New Zealand - either flying, under restoration, in storage, or as a collection of components. If you are aware of any errors, ommissions, or corrections, please contact me with the information.

This list was last updated on March 5, 2000. In the 12 months from the previous update, 4 'ghosts' were eliminated from the list, 1 aircraft crashed, 1 aircraft was exported, and one was relisted under a new registration. Four aircraft were added to the list last time, and another four this time. That brings the total Tiger Moth survivors known to me in New Zealand to 98 aircraft.

Reg. C/N Previous Identities Location Status
AFO 3630 ZK-AFO, NZ720, ZK-ASA Pongakawa stored
AIA 3697 ZK-AGI, NZ721 Patumahoe flying
AIB DHNZ75 NZ825 Mandeville under restore
AII 83468 T5759, NZ669 Auckland stored
AIL 83493 T5764, NZ661 Auckland stored
AIN 83202/DHNZ25 NZ775 MoTaT display
AJC 83463 T5754, NZ655 Mandeville stored
AJH 82887 R4977, NZ885 Blenheim stored
AJO 489 NZ1403 Te Papa, Wellington display
AJP 82346 NZ744 Hastings flying
AKC DHNZ97 NZ847 Dunedin flying
ALJ 83499 T5770, NZ676 Paraparaumu flying
ALK 3795 ZK-AGZ, NZ704 Queenstown flying
ALM DHNZ91 NZ841 Ardmore flying
ALU 82295 NZ743 Nelson storage
ALX DHNZ70 NZ820 Levin under restore
ANL 82512 N9458, NZ861 Masterton flying
ANN 83497 T5768, NZ677 MoTaT display
ANQ 82906 R5011, NZ892 Blenheim flying
ANS DHNZ175 NZ1495 Gisborne under restore
AON DHNZ80 NZ830 Mandeville flying
AOR LES3 VH-BRT Auckland flying
AOX 503 NZ1417 Southwards Museum display
APM 3226 G-ACWB, NZ737 Featherston stored damaged
APP 82302 N9185, NZ854 Nelson flying
AQA 82355 N9254, NZ863 North Shore (Smith's) stored
AQC DHNZ179 NZ1499 Gisborne stored for restore
ARJ 3357 G-ADLU, NZ735 Hamilton flying
ARK DHNZ140 NZ1460 Mandeville under restore
ARZ 82899 R4989, NZ888 Mandeville flying
ASG 83080/DHNZ22 NZ772 Auckland stored
ASM 82475 N9405, NZ874 Auckland flying
ASV 83384/DHNZ36 NZ786 Mandeville under restore
ATG DHNZ146 NZ1466 Auckland under restore
ATN DHNZ1 NZ751 North Shore under restore
AUD DHNZ31 NZ781 Auckland under restore
AUE 82946/DHNZ15 NZ765 North Shore flying
AUT 83274 T5555, VH-BEQ Auckland stored
AUZ 85349 DE315, G-AJHR Wanganui flying
AVA 235 A17-234, VH-BKW Auckland stored?
AVK 425 A17-384, VH-AXZ Mandeville stored
AWA 83186 ?? GAPS - Gisborne display/ under restore
AYA 83346 T5639, G-AMEX Christchurch under restore
AYX 84134 T5983, G-AMML Nelson under restore
AYY 82524 N9494, G-AMMK Mandeville stored
AZH 84736 T6362, G-AHRL Waitara stored
AZO 84013 T7611, G-ALZI Mandeville stored
AZQ 3985 N6712, G-AMMV Blenheim stored
BAA 84893 T6564, G-AMKN Wanaka flying
BAD 84648 T6200, G-AMNF MoTaT under restore
BAH 83589 T5853, G-ALZA Gore flying
BAL 82793 R4876, G-AMMG Gisborne flying
BAT 82139 G-AFSH, X5106, G-AFSH Masterton flying
BAW 3581 L6296, G-ALAD Auckland stored
BCO 83420 T5699, G-AMTT Wanaka flying
BCZ DHNZ155 NZ1475 Masterton stored
BDG 875 A17-458, VH-BDR Matamata stored
BEC 83626 T7167, G-ANBT ?? flying
BEF 83323 T5625, G-AIDR Waipukurau flying
BEN 84671 T6245, G-AMVH Auckland flying
BEW 84771 T6397, G-ANGJ Hastings flying
BFF 83564 T5807, G-ANBW Waiuku stored
BFH 83343 T7035, G-ANDB Mandeville flying
BFS 82862 R4954, G-ANOU Ranfurly flying
BFY 85487 DE507, G-ANRB Gisborne stored
BJH 84664 T6238 Auckland stored components
BJO 83713 T7392 Featherston stored damaged
BJQ 83454 T5819, G-AMFN Rotorua under restore
BJR(res) DHNZ105 NZ1425 Mandeville under restore
BLI DHNZ128 NZ1448 Rakaia flying
BLK 82812 R4895, G-AOAF Masterton flying
BLM DHNZ164 NZ1484 Gore Airforce Museum display
BLV 85071 T6802, G-ANSJ Hastings flying
BME DHNZ173 NZ1493 Auckland stored
BMY DHNZ101 NZ1421 Levin under restore
BNC DHNZ142 NZ1462 Auckland
BQB DHNZ147 NZ1467 Mapua stored
BRB DHNZ139 NZ1459, ZK-BRD Wanaka flying
BRC DHNZ115 NZ1435 Queenstown flying
BRL DHNZ123 NZ1443 Christchurch flying
BRM DHNZ152 NZ1472 Ardmore flying
BSN 501 NZ1415 Blenheim flying
BUO 83393/DHNZ45 NZ795, ZK-APS Wanaka flying
BVN 85768 DE883, G-ANSU, ZK-BGY Masterton flying
CCH DHNZ110 NZ1430, ZK-BLN Wanaka flying
CCQ DHNZ132 NZ1452 North Shore flying
CDU 3581 L3581, G-ALAD, G-ALAD, ZK-BAW Kaitaia under restore
CYC DHNZ133 NZ1453, INST168 Ardmore flying
CZX 84526 T8253, G-AMNE, ZK-BBK Gisborne under restore
DHA DHNZ103 NZ1423 Auckland flying
NZ662 83492 T5763, NZ662, ZK-AIE, VQ-FAG, DQ-FAG Ohakea (RNZAF Historic Flight) flying
NZ771 83079/DHNZ21 NZ771 Auckland stored
NZ1427 DHNZ107 NZ1427 Mandeville stored
NZ1481 DHNZ161 NZ1481, INST150 Wigram display (as NZ825)
G-ANKL 85470 DE474, OO-JIM Mandeville under restore

Two further aircraft remain to be identified. One stored at Pongakawa is possible ZK-AJQ (c/n 502 exNZ1416). The other, in storage after being recovered from an attic in Marton along with two engines remains a mystery.

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