Warszawa-Okecie PZL-104 Wilga


A Polish designed and built aircraft, the original Wilga ('Thrush') was first flown on April 24, 1962. Intended to fill the role of the general purpose Yak-12, the design was revised in 1967 to use a 260hp PZL Ivchenko Al-14RA nine cylinder radial in place of the original 180hp Narkiewicz WN-6 flat-6 engine. The first flight with the new powerplant took place on July 28. At the same time the cabin and undercarriage was improved. Full width slats, slotted flaps and drooping ailerons provide for very good STOL performance. This is the standard Wilga 35. A 230hp Continental O-470-K version, the Wilga 32 flew on September 12, 1967. A version of the Wilga 35, modified to meet US certification standards was flown on May 30,1989, and is known as the Wilga 80. The same year a redesigned 6 seat version to be known as the Wilga 88 appeared. This has subsequently been designated as the PZL-105 Flamingo. A 360hp version of the Wilga powered by the M-14P radial appeared in 1990.

The aircraft has been used by the Polish airforce in a reconnaisance and utility role, and has also found favour in private use. The aircraft has been operated in glider and banner towing, agricultural (35R, 80R), observation, parachute and air ambulance roles (35P, 80P). The aircraft can be operated on floats and skis (35H, 80H). The tow hook, parachute step, and ski operating gear are fitted as standard on this six-seater. The Wilga 32 aircraft has also been license built in Indonesia where it is known as the Gelatik (Rice bird).

The first Wilga was imported by the late Dougal Dallison of Alternate Aviation, the PZL representative in 1991. Four Wilga's currently (as at Nov 1, 2000) appear on the New Zealand register:

In addition three further Wilgas are no longer on the register:

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Cockpit (front) Cockpit (side) Cockpit (rear) starboard fuselage
Starboard undercarriage tail surfaces

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