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The Yak-52 aerobatic trainer is a development of the Yak-50 championship aerobatic aircraft. Utilising a tricycle undercarriage rather than a tailwheel arrangement, the aircraft looks similar to the earlier Yak-18, but is a product of the 1970's. The aircraft are manufactured in Romania

New Zealand's first Yak-52, a 1991 model, was purchased by by Sir Kenneth Hayr in 1993, and imported after his retirement from the RAF. Initially operated under its Lithuanian registration LY-ANH (c/n 9111602), after a brief period as ZK-YAQ it is now ZK-ZAY and is based at North shore aerodrome. ZK-YAX was the first on the New Zealand register in April, 1995. The other Yak-52s illustrated below are ZK-LIZ (formerly LY-AIS) -a 1984 model (c/n 844413), now based at Hawera, and ZK- TYS (formerly LY-AFD c/n 822809), based at Thames.

There has been a steady stream of Yak-52's being imported to New Zealand. Other Yak aircraft include the Yak-50, and the Nanchang CJ-6 development of the Yak-18a

Resident Yak-52's are:

Some aircraft have moved on - ZK-LJF (c/n 844409, ex LY-AIU) formerly based at Rangiora was exported to Eaglevale, NSW in Australia in December 1998.

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Technical Data


hangered - Thames 1996 taxying starboard side - airshow 1995 taxying (port front quarter) - airshow 1995 taxying starboard side - flyin 1997 starboard front quarter - Stratford 1997 starboard rear quarter - Stratford 1997 port rear quarter - Stratford 1997 taxying - Rukuhia 1997 taxing in - Ardmore 1997 back to the hangar - Ardmore 1997 ZK-YAQ - Ardmore 1998 ZK-YAQ - Wanaka 1998 two Yaks running up truning prop through side view side view - running nose view - running

Close Up

There are only a few images - but its a start. I only had a couple of minutes with ZK-LIZ, and an aircraft painted black is not the best subject, so I'm looking for an opportunity to get more (its now been painted blue). The cockpit pictures are from ZK-TYS. The engine pics are from ZK-KGB. Remember to let me know if you have a request for an image of a particular part of the aircraft!

cockpit exterior - starboard from rear cockpit exterior - starboard from front nose on
main gear nose gear cockpit - front cockpit rear
cockpit - rear

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