Airfield Scenes

This page contains a miscellany of airfield images - select from the following:
Raglan - Te Rapa - Manukau - North Shore - Paihia Foreshore - Waihi Beach - Thames - Misc DC-3's


Raglan-by -the-Sea is a small community, much boosted in the summer months by holiday-makers, and increasingly by folks who commute to Hamilton (about 40 minutes away).

RNZAF Base Te Rapa

Te Rapa was a stores base at the northern end of Hamilton City. The base was closed in the early 1990's. I took the opportunity in 1991 to get some pictures of the Gate Guardian before the final closure. The aircraft, a DH100 FB.5 Vampire (NZ5785) is now in store with the RNZAF museum.

Manukau City Centre (South Auckland)

You don't generally expect to find a Mig-21 parked in a tent in the centre of one of New Zealand's largest cities - but sometimes it happens. These images show the ex-Polish airforce aircraft on display during a tour of the North Island to raise funds foir restoration. The Mig-21 MF (Fishbed-J) belongs to Paul Jellick - he purchased the aircraft (along with a Mig-21 UM two seater) in Australia, from a military disposal agent. The aircraft became available after a plan to lease the aircraft to the RAAF as a dissimilar air combat trainer fell through, and it arrived in New Zealand in November 1993. Although built in 1973, the aircraft had only 1052 hours, having been in storage until 1981. The aircraft is complete and only requires a little work (and civil aviation okays) to get it operational.

North Shore Aerodrome (Dairy Flat).

This is an interesting airfield for classic aircraft activity. A number of classic aircraft are based here, (some as shown), and it is the New Zealand base of the Confederate Airforce.

Paihia Foreshore

The foreshore at Paihia, in the Bay of Islands, is the operations base for several scenic flight operators, who utilise helicopters and seaplanes.

Waihi Beach

Thames Airfield

Miscellaneous DC-3's

There are a number of no-longer operational DC-3's to be found around the country. Some are derelict or awaiting work - some are on display - and an increasing number seem to be becoming cafes or restaurants. The latest being ZK-APB which has become a restaurant at Mirimar in Wellington. Fortunately one or two DC-3s can still be found working.

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